my batman

Dear Jacob,
It’s really hard to believe that you have been entertaining us long enough now that we are marking your second experience with holidays, like Halloween. You were a great Batman, even though you refused to wear the special mask I made for you.

I love giving you treats and you devoured the mini areo bar I gave you to try. You ran up to the door every time the bell rang, greeting our trick or treaters with “hi, hi, hi” and lots of waves. It’s so fun to see you interact with other kids.

I’m glad you had such a fun time at Miss Allie’s house, too, with all of your friends.
I’ll put each of these moments in my memory bank and keep them always.

weekend round-up

* We returned home on Sunday from a 10-night vacation to New Brunswick. Husband came home during the week to work, and Jake and I stayed to visit with family and friends. It was a whirlwind and so much fun.
* Yes, I got up to watch the Royal Wedding with my Mum … at 5 a.m. Come on, you did too, admit it.
* I had the stupid stupid stupid brilliant idea to work the longest day of my life election as a DRO on Monday. Maybe a 14.5 hour work day following a week-and-a-half away from home wasn’t the best idea I ever made, but I was once again pleased to be part of the electoral process.

* We went to a fun wedding this past weekend that featured a photo booth! Jake’s bow tie is my favourite part — doesn’t he look sophisticated?

playing hot and cold

Husband will attest to the fact that I sometimes have difficulties getting dressed in the morning (read: clothes flung all over the floor and the bed while I change my outfit half a dozen times).
The heating and cooling system in our office is a fickle mistress. Exhibit A: Today. It is a fairly warm, overcast/rainy day. I’m wearing a long-sleeved wool sweater and I’m freezing. In July!
A mere hour ago, I was burning up and seriously considering taking off my sweater to expose my black-tank-with-white-bra-straps combo. Yes, I almost went there. Now, there is an Arctic chill coming from who-the-heck-knows-where and I’m pulling my sleeves over my hands to trap in any heat that my body has left.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a climate (not only in the office, but outside too) where summer actually means wearing summer clothes?


Bear with me for a moment; I’m having one of those days. You know the kind I’m talking about — like when someone asks, “How’s it going?” and really all you can muster is a sign or a long, low “aghhhhh.”
You know what would be perfect right now?

Chocolate-covered pretzels are pretty much my favourite treat — the perfect mix of sweet and salty. Feel free to wipe your drool, I won’t judge you.