the seasons turn

Well, summer’s over. Too soon for that declaration? Nope. While I can confidently blame the excessive air conditioning in my office for my permanent chill, it also has something to do with the fact that the temperature guage in my car hasn’t reached 20C in nearly a week.

This has prompted me to start sorting clothes. I get this urge any time the weather takes a drastic turn. In this case, it’s more to do with the fact that my summer dresses mostly remain sad and lonely in my closet. Wasted. Summer, what summer? It is the Maritimer in me that causes me to talk excessively about the weather. I apologize.

I was inspired by this post on I’m an Organizing Junkie last week about purging clothes, because the situation in our bedroom is officially out of control, and my wardrobes are to blame. Yes, plural. Pre-pre-pregnancy, pre-pregnancy, maternity, immediately-post-baby, and now. Heaps of folded clothes everywhere. The closet is oozing, the dresser drawers are barely closing and there is an evil plastic tote. It sits next to my side of the bed, overflowing with clothes that used to fit or will someday fit again. Clothes I really didn’t wear before anyway. Perfectly good clothes that I just can’t bare to get rid of because, what if … someday …?


But no more. I am taking a stand. Our bedroom will no longer be the place that clean laundry came to die. The closet and dresser are getting a mass overhaul this weekend and only the fittest best fitting will survive.