black friday link love

Good morning!

Happy belated turkey day to all of my lovely American family and friends. I must admit, I’m jealous, because I know some fabulous cooks south of the border who, I’m sure, put on some pretty drool-worthy meals yesterday.
If you’re marking Black Friday today, good luck to you. Just thinking about the whole thing makes me a bit overwhelmed. As you know, I’m a fan of a deal, but whoa. Stay out of the Walmart electronics departments if you know what’s good for you.
And now, I’m 27. Thank you so much to the friends and family who showered me with love yesterday, especially lovely friend A xo.
Still working on the Litwits book, and am certain I will be finished in time for Sunday’s meeting. Even if it means staying up past my bedtime. Are you reading anything good lately? The next book on our list is Sarah’s Key.
What are you up to this weekend?
I absolutely love this quilt pattern.
What a great idea to commemorate any big gathering.
I love this idea — marking the days of December with Christmas stories.
A project I’m considering for our humble abode.

mid-week link love

My saved links are overflowing with goodies that I’ve been wanting to share. I know I’ve been slacking lately, due to other blogging commitments, but I will be back soon, in full force. Promise!

How brilliant is this?!
And how cute are these?!
Can I just say that I aspire to have a house that is this beautiful.
I appreciate this sweet sentiment.
When we buy a house, I plan to give this project a try.

link love

I’m heading out of town this weekend for shopping with some of my lady relatives, and my list is longgg. I’m imagining that I could potentially complete my Christmas shopping this weekend. In October. Whoa. That would be impressive, no? I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m not actually taking the dude shopping with me,
and just thought it was too over the top not to share.
Thennn, on my way home, I’m stopping to visit HH and her lovely family in their dream house, and I can barely wait!
And then, I suppose, I should work on some blogs … both here and there. As per usual, I’m sure the weekend is going to fly by. Do you have any fun plans?
This organization is inspiring. Based on how much J loves his Lego Duplo, I’ll need this solution for myself one day soon.
You know I heart coupons. Read all about it here.
Pinterest Challenge time! Will you participate?
Installing zippers never seemed so easy.
What a great gift idea … must try!
Thinking this would be a fun alternative for the Litwits. Read any great articles lately?

link love

Happy Friday, friends!
The sun has come out from behind a record 104 mm of rain yesterday. A few fun plans this weekend — TV night with friends, celebrating a lovely friend’s birthday, and a brunch meeting with the LitWits. What are you up to?
Check out a bunch of fun links here, especially the printables
A must-try local recipe
Exciting news (finally made public!) from a lovely friend

link love

It’s almost the weekend! Can’t you feel it? When I wake up on Friday mornings, I pop out of bed with a smile on my face. OK, that’s not true. I still have to drag my groggy ass out of bed, but it’s not as painful as the previous four mornings! That’s got to count for something!
We’re staring down the barrel at three days of rain, so our festival frolicking has been put on the back burner in favour of indoor activities. And baking. I love to bake when it’s rainy or snowy outside.

A different take on the “How to talk to girls” article.
Some reminders on ways to save money, here and here.
I think I will make some of these for Thanksgiving this year. Aren’t they cute?
Happy weekend, friends!

link love: happy monday

It was a busy weekend full of birthdays, baptisms, and a whole lot of cupcakes. I dug out my fall decorations this weekend, and despite anyone’s objections, I might pick up some gourds today. No, it isn’t too early for gourds. And since I’m feeling so festive, I think I’ll get my first pumpkin spice latte of the season, too.
This week I’m getting a massage AND a haircut! It’s like I’ve won the over-scheduled lotto because there are two “me” things on the books. Hoorah!
Happy Monday, friends!

I hate mornings as much as Amalah does. is now offering printable coupons!
Speaking of fall decor, this post really makes me want to make some adorable little buntings.
I think I’ll give these a try this week.

link love #8

The air’s been cooler this week, and I’m not going to lie, I love it. There’s nothing better than sleeping all warm and snuggly under the duvet with crisp fall air coming in the window.
Makes me crave one of these:

Have any fun plans for the weekend? I’m hoping to spend lots of time outside with my boy!
I’m so inspired by all of these all-natural, DIY cleaning product recipes.
Based on the sad state of the banana I just pulled out of my bag, I could really use one of these.
This really makes me want all white towels. So simple for washing!
Join me in sending out good vibes/love/prayers to this amazing little family.
Here’s a definite must-make. Oh, by the way, sis-in-law C surprised me last weekend with all the ingredients for the pizza recipe I linked up last week and it was just as delicious as we imagined it would be!
Happy weekend, friends!

link love

Happy long weekend, friends!

I hope you have some fun plans. We’re heading out of town to visit family and take part in a charity golf tournament. The event is in honour of a friend’s dad who passed away a few summers ago, and lots of friends gather each year to golf and raise money in his memory. Among the honours at the end of the day will be a prize for best team costume. Husband, his twin bro and their two buds took home this prize two years ago with their “nerdy” attire, including taped glasses and pocket protectors. This year, they’re pulling a 180 and dressing up as these guys:

Oh dear. And Husband will be none other than The Situation. OMG. GTL.


I love this poster.

Does this reflect your twitter feed? It’s a pretty good synopsis of mine. What colour are you? I’m green and blue.

This is definitely the next pizza I’m going to make. Drooling. Do you have any different pizza combos that are equally delicious?

As an editor by day, I also dislike several of these words. Do you have words that you just can’t stand?

Jacob and I are at this stage now. I’m thinking of ways we could re-create a photo op like this, too. Cute?

link love

Whoa, where did this week go? I know I owe you lots of things, most notably a “growing by the minute: 11 months” post, but I don’t want to rush it, so it will have to wait.

Because, as you read this, I am here:

And I’m doing a little of this:

And this:

And on Sunday, I’ll be going to this:

Happy weekend!


Mmm a farmers’-market favourite: hodgepodge.

Wonderful post about motherhood.

A fantastic playlist by a wild and wily brunette.

link love

Happy Friday! It was only a three-day work week for me, so I’m not sure I have really earned my Friday happy dance, but I’m doing it nonetheless.

I learned something new yesterday that has changed my blog-reading life and I couldn’t wait to share with you. If you don’t use Google Reader, you should have it you can skip this part.

Did you know that there’s an amazing Next >> feature for GR (under the “goodies” tab)? It’s a little button you can grab here, and add to your bookmarks bar. Then, you can go to GR and go to the actual site of one of the new posts to be read, and click your Next >> button and it’ll take you to the site of the next unread post. You follow me? So rather than reading bland, black-and-white posts within the GR window, you can visit each site without having to link through individually. Plus, your fave bloggers will then see and appreciate your traffic on their site. Clear as mud, I know. Try it out though; it’s brilliant.

OK, enough of that. All you non-GR users can come back now.

I’m anticipating a crafty weekend with a few new projects to share next week. And I can’t stop thinking about making these:


Some link love for your Friday afternoon:

How adorable is this pre-wedding photo?

Got a beach baby covered in sand? Try this.

Some pretty ensembles.

Too funny. And true.

A crazy-cute back-to-school idea.

This makes me drool. Must try.

Happy weekend!