before & after

I’m sure this isn’t going to be nearly as thrilling to you as it is to me, but …

So. Much. Better. We can actually close our closet doors now! Hallelujah. I was on a super roll, which lead to clearing out our coat closet and tearing apart the spare room, too. Bascially organizing is my middle name.


project in progress

At any given moment, I’ve got a couple dozen projects floating around in my head. Surprised? I didn’t think so. There’s one popular concept all over blogs I love, and I’ve been dying to try it: gallery walls.


I love the idea of a collection to represent our family. I’d like to update it over time to include school photos, artwork from our kid(s), and old or new family photos. For example, in the first edition of our gallery wall, I’d like to include J-mans hand and foot prints.
So I’m keeping my eyes peeled for unique frames and small art pieces to build a collection for our hallway. I also don’t want to spend a bundle, so I’ve been scoping out Value Village and Frenchy’s. Any idea where else I could look for stuff like this?

getting my craft on

Oh, how I missed crafting! As of late, my projects are more of the baby-food-making, diaper-changing, wheels-on-the-bus-singing variety. This project has sparked my creativity though, and I have a feeling that this little blog is going to be seeing much more crafty action.
This wreath is not going to end up on my front door like I had originally planned — it’s not exactly weather-proof and it doesn’t coordinate with our red door. But I must admit, this is one of my favourite projects to date, and probably the cheapest.
It all started with this wreath for $1.99 from Value Village.

I decided to cover it with yarn. Seemed silly to buy anymore supplies when I’ve got all kinds of stuff in all kinds of crafty totes and drawers. I picked the chunkiest yarn I had, and it was dark grey.

It took a while to wind it around and around the wreath. I cut long lengths of yarn and did it in small sections, hot gluing the ends until it was totally covered.
Then it was time to embellish my fuzzy little wreath. First, I ripped strips of fabric.

I twisted and wound the fabric into tight spirals, using hot glue on the back to keep everything in place, to create these little fleurs.

Wait for it … Ta da!
I love the yellow and grey! Now I just need to find a place for it in my house. My first attempt at fabric flowers turned out better than I evert would’ve expected. I’m going to be slapping these babies on projects of all sorts … oh, the possibilities!

needed: spring wreath

The sun is shining, the birds are singing. And my front door looks blah. Not exactly a reflection of the season. So it’s time for yet another diy wreath. But this time I want to try something I’ve never done before … like these:
Felt … maybe in pastel colours for spring?

Rolled fabric flowers:

A wreath wrapped in yarn, as well as paper flowers:

Fresh foliage:

Decisions, decisions …

before and after

Thanks again to everyone who voted for their favourite fabric. I’m happy to (finally) share the results of the like a hamster on a wheel 2nd birthday chair makeover!
First, a quick refresher.
Fixing up this chair was one of my first blog projects. I picked this chair up on Kijiji. Well, here’s the actual story. I emailed the seller and sent Husband to pick up his chair. If I had been there, we wouldn’t have bought it. The metal piping had rust on it and the bottoms of the legs were sharp and unfinished. I had asked about these things when I corresponded with the seller and was told it was in perfect shape. Boo for dishonesty.
Regardless, I ended up with this chair for our office. I used cotton batten and a green and ivory stripped knit to cover it, used steel wool to buff the rust off (seriously, it worked like magic), and bought little rubber feet protectors to finish the bottoms of the legs.
I was pretty happy with the end result:

Nearly two years later though, and it’s starting to look a little ratty. We use this chair as a spare at our kitchen table when we have company, so it also has a few little stains on it. Time for a re-do. I put it to a vote, and here’s what you chose:
There aren’t any specific how-to directions. I simply unscrewed the seat, folded the new fabric over and staple-gunned the edges around. I did the same thing with the back — wrapped the fabric and placed a few staples in the under side, where they aren’t visible, to hold it in place. The trick is to wrap it nice and tight so the sides stay in place, too. Then I used my glue gun and ran a thin line of hot glue down the sides of the back of the chair, under the fabric, to keep it from shifting out of place. It was super easy — chair covered and photographed in one nap time!
What do you think?

full circle

To celebrate my blog’s second birthday today, I thought I’d go back to where it all began two years ago …
This chair:
I picked this simple chair up on Kijiji and made it my first blog DIY project. Here’s how it turned out:

Now, two years later, the fabric is getting a little dingy and tired. Time for a re-do! That’s where you come in. I need your help deciding which fabric to use. Here are your choices:
Fabric #1: A soft, flannel cross between a plaid and houndstooth.
Fabric #2: A smooth cotton with a bit of stretch.
Fabric #3: Unfortunately, the flash doesn’t do this sample justice. A soft, light blue/grey colour with a subtle ribbed texture.
Fabric #4: A heavy beige cotton with white floral pattern.
Please take a minute to vote in the poll located in the right-hand navigation ——>
I can’t believe it’s been two years! Thanks so much for reading!