link love

I’m heading out of town this weekend for shopping with some of my lady relatives, and my list is longgg. I’m imagining that I could potentially complete my Christmas shopping this weekend. In October. Whoa. That would be impressive, no? I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m not actually taking the dude shopping with me,
and just thought it was too over the top not to share.
Thennn, on my way home, I’m stopping to visit HH and her lovely family in their dream house, and I can barely wait!
And then, I suppose, I should work on some blogs … both here and there. As per usual, I’m sure the weekend is going to fly by. Do you have any fun plans?
This organization is inspiring. Based on how much J loves his Lego Duplo, I’ll need this solution for myself one day soon.
You know I heart coupons. Read all about it here.
Pinterest Challenge time! Will you participate?
Installing zippers never seemed so easy.
What a great gift idea … must try!
Thinking this would be a fun alternative for the Litwits. Read any great articles lately?

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