pancake supper?

Settle a disagreement?

I am very pro breakfast-for-dinner. Husband is not. To him, there are certain things a person eats in the morning, like bagels and eggs, and certain things you eat at night … namely, not bagels and eggs.
But sometimes a girl just craves pancakes. Like the ones pictured here. Can you blame me?
What do you think? Breakfast-for-dinner: a do or a don’t?
And if you side with me, do you have any tasty recipes to share?

4 responses

  1. I love breakfast for supper. As a nutritionist once said, "Where is it written, that you just eat bacon & eggs in the morning?" And things evolve…when I was a kid nobody ever ate sausage for breakfast, nor pancakes for that matter. Those were considered "supper" meals. That was back when dinner was eaten at noon.LOL

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