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Happy Friday! It was only a three-day work week for me, so I’m not sure I have really earned my Friday happy dance, but I’m doing it nonetheless.

I learned something new yesterday that has changed my blog-reading life and I couldn’t wait to share with you. If you don’t use Google Reader, you should have it you can skip this part.

Did you know that there’s an amazing Next >> feature for GR (under the “goodies” tab)? It’s a little button you can grab here, and add to your bookmarks bar. Then, you can go to GR and go to the actual site of one of the new posts to be read, and click your Next >> button and it’ll take you to the site of the next unread post. You follow me? So rather than reading bland, black-and-white posts within the GR window, you can visit each site without having to link through individually. Plus, your fave bloggers will then see and appreciate your traffic on their site. Clear as mud, I know. Try it out though; it’s brilliant.

OK, enough of that. All you non-GR users can come back now.

I’m anticipating a crafty weekend with a few new projects to share next week. And I can’t stop thinking about making these:


Some link love for your Friday afternoon:

How adorable is this pre-wedding photo?

Got a beach baby covered in sand? Try this.

Some pretty ensembles.

Too funny. And true.

A crazy-cute back-to-school idea.

This makes me drool. Must try.

Happy weekend!


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