try it tuesday

So, a few weeks ago I got my hair cut. I didn’t really need a hair cut. But when I pay an arm and a leg to get it done, I like to notice a difference. So I foolishly encouraged the stylist to keep cutting. Now, I’m in hair purgatory. You know, not short enough, not long enough? Annoying.

Months ago I saw an ad for Goody’s new bobby pin alternative, the Spin Pin. I ducked into the hair accessories aisle at Walmart and Shoppers on and off, checking for the product that was first available in the U.S. Finally, last week, I found some.

They come in differnt colours; I chose brunette. I’m actually pretty impressed with these little corkscrews. They really do work. I have some layers, so I find they work better if my hair is damp.

I wanted to show you photos of my own hair, but it seems that one of my spin pins has gone missing. I’m sure there is a cat to blame.
Here’s a video of how they work. You can find many more like this on YouTube.

*This post was not sponsored by Goody, I just happen to think this product is genius. Try it!

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  1. I have these too and they're great! Thank you for reminding me to bust out my Spin Pins. I have a lot of hair and they do a pretty good job of holding it in place.

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