summer to dos

Seeing as how it’s actually summer, despite what the weather may have you believe, it’s time to make a trusty list of seasonal to dos. They’re not all exactly summer related, but all projects/initatives that are in desperate need of tackling.

1) Grocery shop less. I love to buy groceries. Yes, I know it’s weird, but I love browsing the aisles, thinking up recipes and getting a good bargain. And the fact that my new office is within a five-minute drive of a massive store that not only has groceries, but clothes and housewares, too … you see where this is going. Well, enough. I’m cutting my shopping trips down to twice a month. As part of this, I would like to visit the farmers’ market at least once a month to stock up on fresh, local produce.

2) Find more time to read. Complete at least six books before Labour Day. Seriously, this shouldn’t be that hard. I am embarrassingly far from my 26 books in 52 weeks goal. Time to step up.

3) Take Jacob to the beach and dip his toes in the ocean for the first time. Take millions of photos.

4) Journey to visit family. This includes NB, CB and anywhere in between.

5) Go camping. OK, this is ambitious with a nine-month-old. And it may just be in the backyard, but hey, that still counts.

6) Keep my hanging basket alive. All. Summer.

7) Sleep in. Please. Just once.

8) BBQ. A lot.

11) Wash both cars inside and out. Golf clubs = mud and grass. Guess this one is Husband’s job.

12) Purge. I abandoned my yard sale dreams in favour of getting crap outta here. I’ve filled one bag of clothes and one bag of miscellaneous items. There’s still an overflowing walk-in closet, among other crazy spaces, to be dealt with. ASAP.

13) Fix the DIY curtains I made for the front door. I’ll post more about this later to give you a little context.

14) Do a few little home-improvement projects, like touch up some paint, etc.

15) Scrapbook (or come up with a reasonable alternative).

OK. That’s enough. There’s more, but I really need to be realistic, and if I get some of this done, I’ll be pretty pleased.

What are you up to this summer?


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  1. Hey!You are blogging my life!!!Not the young mom stuff because I'm way too old to mention 40 something closer to 50 but in my mind closer to 30….Other than that! I'm a constant purger after 2 garage sales years ago, now I know better!!!I've given up on keeping hanging baskets alive even for 2 weeks because we are constantly going to our cottage and they just dry up as soon as I walk out the door!I'm in the midst of the "touch up paint" and so far I've repainted to bathrooms because the "touch up" color match didn't match!!! Really frustrating when there are rooms that NEED to be painted!!!In my opinionated opinion, the only one worth doing is number 3 because you will get so much pleasure from the trip to the ocean and have all those wonderful photos for memories later on!PS – scrapbooking – my husband just puts all our pictures on the computer on "slide show". When he's not on the computer it's like a screen save – every time I walk by I see a different picture and have to stop and watch for a few minutes (they change every 5 seconds). It's wonderful each day instead of whenever you remember to open a scrapbook! But that's just me!

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