vegan for a week: day 5 & 6

I don’t think I know any vegans. I know lots of strict vegetarians and a few not-so-strict ones. And I definitely know plenty of meat eaters. My point is, everyone is entitled to their own choice. I would never try to impose my views or tastes on anyone around me. I even prepare and cook meat for Husband on a nearly-daily basis. I also chop up tiny morsels of chicken for Baby J, knowing that someday he’ll be old enough to make the choice for himself.
By the same token, I don’t expect people to go through any inconvenience based on my preferences, but I am lucky to have thoughtful and accommodating friends and family who are sure to provide me with veggie alternatives when I dine in their homes.

Today, lovely friend H invited us over for a play date around lunch time, and she wasn’t sure what to prepare for snacks. She made a lovely spread of sliced apples, grapes and a veggie tray. It was perfect! She worried about it though, like what to offer as a veggie dip.
So going forward, I think I’ll fall into that not-so-strict category of the vegan lifestyle. I’m certainly not going to call myself vegan, but there will likely be days that I’ll avoid eating any animal products at all. But when it comes to eating out in restaurants or especially in other people’s homes, I will be more flexible.
And in the event you’re still interested:
Day 5
Breakfast: Thin bagel with peanut butter, a banana and glass of juice.
Lunch: PB&J on whole wheat. Fresh fruits and veggies at our play date.
Snack: Multigrain rice crackers and peanut butter.
Dinner: Two meatless chicken strips in a whole wheat pita, carrots and couscous.
Snack: Two Enjoy Life double chocolate brownie cookies and a cup of decaf with soy milk.
Day 6
Breakfast: Sesame seed bagel with vegan margarine and coffee with soy milk.
Snack: Fruit smoothie with baby spinach and what germ (it’s way more delish than it sounds!)
Lunch: Rice crackers with jalapeno hummus, sliced apple, glass of juice.
Snack: A banana.
Dinner: Veggie dog, couscous, carrots and green beans.
Snack: Two Enjoy Life double chocolate brownie cookies and a cup of decaf with soy milk.

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