vegan for a week: day 2

Husband: So I guess this vegan thing means you won’t be making cookies this week.
Me: No, I still can. I will just use vegan margarine instead of butter.
Husband: Oh, right.
Me: Well, actually, they can’t be chocolate chip cookies, because chocolate contains dairy.
Husband: And what about the eggs?
Me: I can use the egg substitute I’ve used before. You know, the flax and water.
Husband: Umm … I don’t want cookies anymore.
After that conversation, I’m determined to find a super delicious vegan cookie recipe that Husband’s going to love. In the meantime, I’ve completed another day of my week-long challenge.

I’m realizing that a lot goes into eating vegan. Checking labels isn’t as simple as I thought. After a quick search around the web, I realized that there are a lot of sneaky ingredients in food that often contain animal bi-products. There’s a list of these items here.
Today wasn’t too bad. Bagel with peanut butter, coffee with soy milk and juice for breakfast. A whole wheat veggie and meatless chicken wrap and tortilla chips with hot salsa and guacamole for lunch.
For supper I whipped up some quick and easy pasta sauce — Ragu with green peppers and chicken for Husband, and store-brand tomato sauce with loads of fresh veggies for me. Without thinking though, I grabbed a few slices of frozen ready-made garlic bread from the freezer and toasted it in the oven to accompany our meal. Two bites in I realized … uh oh, butter. Despite how delicious it tasted, I passed the rest of my bread to Husband.
The things I’m eating so far are pretty basic, but I’ve found a few vegan recipes to try out. Do you have any recipes to share?

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  1. Hi,I'm slowly trying to change my vegetarian diet to a vegan one.I love this cook book called Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World ( They are awesome cupcake recipes!The authors also have a cookie cookbook called Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar ( I haven't bought this one yet, as I'm not a big cookie person. But if the cupcakes are any indication, these cookie recipes might be worth a go.

  2. presidents choice "the decadent" semi sweet chocolate chips are vegan and they make amazing cookies!oh and earthlings is a great movie to watch for if for those interested in veganism! 🙂

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