project in progress

At any given moment, I’ve got a couple dozen projects floating around in my head. Surprised? I didn’t think so. There’s one popular concept all over blogs I love, and I’ve been dying to try it: gallery walls.


I love the idea of a collection to represent our family. I’d like to update it over time to include school photos, artwork from our kid(s), and old or new family photos. For example, in the first edition of our gallery wall, I’d like to include J-mans hand and foot prints.
So I’m keeping my eyes peeled for unique frames and small art pieces to build a collection for our hallway. I also don’t want to spend a bundle, so I’ve been scoping out Value Village and Frenchy’s. Any idea where else I could look for stuff like this?

One response

  1. I've also been meaning to do this project for, I don't know, TWO YEARS … I did go to Value Village and buy some frames. At my local store you can purchase them in bundles for one price.

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