that’s love

Me: Umm … what day is it?
Him: Thursday.
Me: No, the date?
Him: The 24th.
Me: You mean to tell me that we both forgot our anniversary?
Him: Oh, yeah. I guess we did.
[He leans over and puckers up …]
Him: Happy Anniversary, Wife.
Yes, that is about as romantic as we get these days. At least we remembered within the right week; that’s got to count for something. Admittedly, it’s not our wedding anniversary we’re talking about here, but the anniversary of when he and I became an “us” … it’s not an exact science; he didn’t ask me to go steady. It’s just the day that we both figured out that something big was starting.
That was eight years ago. Nearly a decade. A lot has changed … we’re no longer students, we’ve had jobs, changed jobs. We got engaged and married, moved to a new home and us two is now us three. But while so much is different, the details remain the same. We’re still making each other laugh, making each other roll their eyes. We know how to push each other’s buttons, and also how to soothe even the unspoken stresses. I cook suppers and he takes out the trash. We’ve got the nighttime teeth brushing perfectly coordinated so no one gets caught in the minty-suds crossfire. Some days it’s unbelievably simple, other days we have to work at it.
Here’s to the first eight, and many more xo

Photo Booth image circa 2006

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