guest post: bite-sized for babes

Writer’s note: Welcome back, Heather! For those of you just joining us, this is the second in a two-part guest post by my Laptops-to-Lullabies-writing friend all about making food for babes.

Yesterday we talked about the awesome easiness that is making your own pureed baby food. When your baby is old enough for finger foods, things get tricker. It’s also a lot more fun, because you get to feed them a wider variety of foods. Oh, and it’s also way messier. WAY messier.

There’s a complete post about starting finger foods over on my blog, but here are the basics:

Your baby likes to pick stuff up with their fingers. At every meal. And you have a freezer full of purees that they are suddenly scorning. You have Puffs and Cheerios, but they’re not exactly nutrious. Um … what do you do?

Fruit is a fantastic finger food, but usually NOT in its raw form (except for bananas and mangoes) because it’s too hard/seeded, etc. This means you have to do a bit of work in order to get fruit ready for little fingers.

We live in Canada where fresh fruit is not always great-looking in the winter months, so on a recent trip to the grocery store I grabbed a can of peaches (packed in water), a can of pears (packed in water), a bag of fresh apples, and a package of pre-cut watermelon slices.

I rinsed the canned fruit under the tap and steamed it for a few minutes. I cut the apples into slices and steamed those as well. I cut the watermelon slices so that the rinds had very little pink on them. Then I spread EVERYTHING out onto a bunch of cookie sheets, and popped it all into the freezer. I was also making some purees that day, so things were crowded!

The next morning, I dumped all of the fruit into baggies, labeled them, and stuck them back in the freezer. (Aren’t the applesauce cubes cute? IKEA shaped ice cube trays!) The watermelon chunks are for cutting into bite-sized pieces once they’re reheated.

The watermelon baggie does double-duty. The watermelon rinds are for the baby to pick up and eat whole. (Aren’t the applesauce cubes cute? IKEA shaped ice cube trays!)

Once the freezer is stocked with finger-food fruit, I just have to open up a baggie, take out a few pieces, nuke them on the defrost setting (just until they’re squishy), and cut them into baby-sized chunks. Delicious!

For more on making homemade baby food, pregnancy, cloth-diapering, and all kinds of
other Mama goodness, check out my blog. Thanks for having me, Lindsey!

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