here’s to 2011

I hate to call these resolutions. Really I can’t, since we’re half-way through January already. But here are some things I’m aiming to do in the next 12 months.
1. Drink more water.
2. Run a 5k race. Last year, I ran a half marathon. One 5k should be doable.
3. Save more money. Or spend less money. Either way you want to slice it.
4. Correspond with friends and family more often via snail mail. Send at least one note or card each week.
5. Write in Baby J’s journal more often and keep his scrapbook up to date.
6. Read 26 books. That’s only one every other week.
7. Be adventurous in the kitchen. Make recipes I’ve been too afraid (or lazy) to try. Experiment with new ingredients.
8. Focus on the amazing joys in my life and make a serious effort to keep all kinds of stress at bay.
Do you have goals this year?

One response

  1. Rather than calling them Resolutions, I call them Solutions! If I had written any down, they would be very similar to yours (minus the baby J – or any baby stuff, as I am not yet a Mom), +/- a few, you could say… like toning/maintaining a healthy lifestyle, weight, etc. 🙂

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