post-baby bod

I’ve officially hit a plateau.
I’m usually not the type to rely on the bathroom scale to tell me how I feel. Rather than worrying about the number of pounds, I’m more concerned with whether the button of my jeans comes together with ease.
That doesn’t mean I didn’t monitor the pounds as the needle crept higher and higher throughout my pregnancy. I gained about 30 pounds during that 40 weeks and I’m looking forward to getting back to my normal-ish size as soon as I can. The plan: Eating well and exercising. Just a common sense approach.
That said, I’m not a salad-with-dressing-on-the-side type of girl. I enjoy eating delicious food. And, lucky for me, a breast-feeding mother actually needs more calories per day than a pregnant mom-to-be. The thing is, I seem to be getting the majority of these calories from carbs lately. Not good.
I started by checking out some books from the library. I copied down some healthy recipes and resolved to buy less junk at the grocery store and not eat out as much.
Now, at almost 15 weeks weeks postpartum, I’m holding on to more pounds than I’d like. Lovely friend H lent me her Wii Fit, which has given me a great perspective of where I am and where I need to be. I hope to shave two points off my BMI.
So I guess we can call this an unofficial New Year’s resolution. By writing it here, I hope to be a bit more accountable for the number of calories going in and coming out.

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