oh so organized

Inspired by Chef Michael Smith, I decided to organize my kitchen with clear glass jars. I picked up some quart jars for larger quantity items like chocolate chips, icing sugar and brown sugar, and Mum gave me some smaller ones for spices and seasonings. I also bought a set of clear plastic containers in larger sizes for flours, white sugar, salt and beans.
Aren’t they puurrrtttyyy?

Ahh, so satisfying! I wrote on the lids with a Sharpie … wouldn’t want to mix up key ingredients, like baking powder and soda.
Next up, my craft supplies! One jar for ribbons, one for glue, one for stickers, one for embellishments …

5 responses

  1. Okay, I've thought and thought about doing this, but been too lazy. You are home with a NEWBORN and found the time, so that's it.. I too shall organize! Thanks again for the continued inspiration!

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