If you’re keeping track, today is my due date!
Eeeekkkkk! I know that less than 5% of babies are born on their due dates, but I was, so maybe it runs in the family and our little boy will arrive today? Wishful thinking? Maybe.
I’ve been doing as many things as I can to naturally nudge this little guy to get this party started — walking, rocking and bouncing on my balance ball, drinking red raspberry leaf tea, taking herbs given to me by my lovely naturopathic doctor sister-in-law, eating spicy food and fresh pineapple. The list goes on.
I’m not really this impatient. I know he will arrive when he’s good and ready, and not a moment early. It’s just that I’m ready. Totally, completely, absolutely ready. That means, I have nothing left to do. The nursery is ready, the deep freezer is stocked with homemade meals, the house is clean from top to bottom. I’ve read books, watched movies, got my haircut, gone out for coffee.
Husband has started to take our car the whole way to school (one hour commute each way) instead of traveling with a carpool buddy, so he’s fully on call when the moment arrives.
The waiting game is now in full swing. Wish us luck!

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