place your bets aka first GIVEAWAY

Less than 3 weeks and counting until Baby B is set to arrive.
I’ve added a little poll to the blog-ola here –>
Since we’re in the home stretch, when do you think our babe will make his debut? Early, on time or late? Place your bets here!

Taking it one step further, lets make this the very first Like A Hamster on a Wheel GIVEAWAY!
Here’s what’s up for grabs … since you’ve all got a variety of interests, this prize pack is a hodge podge of fun stuff to reflect just about every topic on my little blog.

Two Pampered Chef Season’s Best cookbooks for all your entertaining needs

Two handy dandy Ecojot notebooks for recording your to-do lists

One set of six DIY napkin rings, crafted by yours truly
Here’s how to enter:
1) When will Baby B arrive? Comment below with your prediction (date only). And in fairness, I’ll let you know that the initial due date was September 8, but the doctors have recently switched it to September 10.
2) You get another entry if your a follower. If you’re not a follower yet, hop on board with the follow link on the right — and then leave a second comment letting me know you follow.
3) Tweet about the giveaway and link to this post. Leave a third comment below with your Twitter handle. Oh, and feel free to befriend me while you’re there — @lbunin.
The giveaway will close in one week, on Saturday, August 28 at midnight. And of course, the winner will be announced after Baby B shows up!
* UPDATE: Feel free to pick the same date as others. If more than one of you have chosen the date that Baby B arrives on, we’ll draw names of out a hat.

12 responses

  1. My guess is September 6th! No reason why- I was gonna choose September 7th but since HC already guessed that I'll go with one more day early- for good luck 😉

  2. I know this is going to be cruel….but September 13th! It's your first child and a boy..they're always lazy and comfy. Plus, that's my momma's birthday 🙂 Either way, I hope for an easy delivery for you.

  3. I'm going to say September 10th… 'cause I think no ones called that yet! Plus its the day after I return, which you know, is quite convenient for me. Please pass that important information to baby Jacob. x

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