drum roll …

Years ago, before we were even married, Husband and I chatted about our hypothetical future and family-to-be. During these daydreams, one thing we agreed on was a boys’ name for a future son.
When we found out that our first babe would be a boy, that name landed high on our short list, but we soon found out that it was also hovering at the top of the list for all of Canada for the past decade or so. We weren’t sure about the popularity factor and went back to the drawing board.
We hmm’d and haw’d over it for weeks and months. We poured through a half dozen baby name books and many, many websites for ideas and inspiration. We even asked Baby B’s opinion, asking him to kick once for one name, or twice for another name … oddly though, he seemed indifferent.
When it came down to it, we couldn’t fight our first instincts. Nothing felt as right.
Without further adieu …
How cute is this personalized onesie from lovely friend T? So, barring any weird changes of heart, our boy will be Jacob. Jake and sometimes Jakey for short. Lovely sister-in-law C may also occasionally call him J-Bird.
Jacob Michael, to be exact — his second name in honour of Husband. We still call him “the baby” a lot, but we’re slowly incorporating his real name into conversations more and more.
We’ve also received a couple other personalized pressies for Baby B …

I can’t wait to meet him and say his name to him for the first time!

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  1. I love the name Jacob… my very best friend is Jacob and for what it's worth, he's one of the best and sweetest guys I know. So your son, by his name alone, is destined for greatness :)Happy weekend!

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