prepping the nest

I think I’m starting to experience my first real signs of nesting. I’m obsessed with the idea of labeled bins and baskets. And before lovely friend A can pipe up and say that I’ve always been obsessed with bins and baskets, let me defend my neurosis explain.
Baby boy has a lot of stuff. I mean, a full wardrobe to last him until he’s about a year-and-a-half old. And where am I expected to put said stuff? Answer: labeled bins/baskets for the nursery. How can you argue with that logic?
It seemed a little out of control that my unborn son already had more clothes than I do. Thanks to many generous gifts and hand-me-downs, he will be one well-dressed little guy. But I quickly realized that there was no need to have clothes for a 12-month-old hanging in the closet for months to come.

So I used these blue bins to separate the six-month-to-12-month duds and the 12-month+ wardrobe.
Then, I happened upon these woven bins at Michaels for 40% off. Plus, they match the nursery decor so well. But I really liked the idea of labels, so I got out my trusty glue gun and some miscellaneous scrapbooking supplies and created these …

Organization. So satisfying.

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