lazy lounging

You might have noticed my hiatus. I am on vacation and between a whole lot of laying by the pool and lounging by the lake, I had every intention of writing some new and wonderful posts. But three days in, and it doesn’t seem like the creative juices are really flowing, so when I return to real life in a week’s time, I promise to fill you in on a few big things ā€” specifically 1) nursery progress; 2) a couple pretty amazing baby showers; 3) a few DIY projects; and 4) a name for Baby B!

2 responses

  1. Well Mrs Bunin you are looking positively radiant! Pregnancy definitely agrees with you! And I also have to admit to being a bit of a Facebook and blog creeper, I keep up with your blog regularly and same with your Facebook, though the miles are pretty big between us I still think of you often and wish you and your hubby all the best with all in life and the new babe.Love YaM(K)B Friend since Kindergarten! lol

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