try it tuesday

You know what’s gross? Fruit flies. They’re annoying and disgusting and multiply at unnatural rates. They must be stopped.
I was justifiably embarrassed by these unwanted house-guests when brother- and sister-in-law A & L came over for a visit last week. They swarmed the kitchen table until we couldn’t see one foot in front of our faces. I swear, that isn’t an exaggeration.
I’ve tried different things in the past to destroy these awful pests — a jar with plastic wrap and tiny holes — but nothing really worked. Luckily L had the perfect solution.
Using a piece of printer paper, we fashioned a funnel with a narrow hole at the bottom. We then inserted the small end of funnel into a glass jar containing a little piece of fruit, like a raspberry or slice of banana that will quickly turn into something disgusting that, to quote lovely sister-in-law C, these little winged spawns of satan just love.

Here’s the proof. A jar packed full. Every day or so, we take it outside and give it a shake to let them loose outside, far far away from our kitchen.
During this humid summer, you definitely should try it.

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