33 weeks

At 33 weeks — only 48 days to go! — time is really starting to fly by. Just yesterday, Husband told me that he booked the next two scheduled weeks off from his casual job.
Me: Why?! [I asked in confusion, running through our social schedule in my mind]
Husband: Umm, we’re having a baby?
Me: [crickets]
Husband: [raises eyebrows, points at belly] Umm …
Me: OHMYGOD! That’s so soon! Eeeeekkkkk!
[followed by an all-too-common hormonal outburst, as my eyes fill with tears]
YAY! I’m so excited!
How far along? 33 weeks.

How big is baby? Growth spurting like crazy, our boy is now more than 17 inches long and about four pounds already, and he’ll gain about a half a pound each week for the next seven weeks. Whoa.

Total weight gain:
Still hovering just over 20 lbs. Husband consistently tries to feed me snacks, but it’s getting harder and harder to find room in my increasingly packed abdomen for extra food.

Maternity Clothes?
Nothing new. It’s been so hot lately that I’m wearing the bare minimum around the house and the lightest dresses and T-shirts, so there’s no sense in buying anything new if I can’t wear it out.

Stretch marks?
Knock on wood — None yet!

Sleep: Seems to be getting easier. Maybe it’s because I’m extra tired? I’m starting to feel first-trimester-esque fatigue again, which is really putting a dent into my library-book reading.

Movement: He still moves all the time, but it’s mostly rolling and a lot less kicking. He’s getting cramped in there, but still manages to work on his yoga poses.

Food cravings: Like I said before, I’m feeling a lot less hungry, because there’s less room for my stomach to expand. But a few things I’ve been enjoying — fries with lots of ketchup, chocolate milk and guacamole … not all in one sitting though!

What I miss: Doing anything without sweating.

What I am looking forward to: Making the most of the remaining seven weeks, including finishing up some nursery projects, catching up on some sleep, making and freezing food for the busy post-birth days and lots of reading.

Milestones: We celebrated our first baby shower for our boy this past weekend with our lovely CB family. It was a great time, we received many generous gifts, and these celebrations are really making his impending arrival seem all the more real!

Oh, and THIS:
Little known, yet common, pregnancy symptom? Kidney stones! I unexpectedly landed in the hospital with one of these little (that is — little in size, huge in pain) annoyances and later found out that it’s fairly common to pass a kidney stone while pregnant. Luckily, I passed it about 24 hours after the pain started and I’ve been symptom free since. Lots of friends and family have come to my aid, sharing stories about how kidney stone pain is worse than labour. If that’s true, I’m all set!


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