29 weeks

Several of my favourite mommy & mommy-to-be bloggers post semi-regular updates of their pregnancies. Since Baby B is taking up so many of my thoughts these days, it seemed to make sense to fill you in on our progress.

How far along? 29 weeks.

How big is baby? Depending on which references you follow, Baby B weighs about 2.5 pounds and about 16 inches long, give or take some ounces or inches. No wonder my belly seems to protruding more and more by the minute.
Total weight gain: Somewhere in the neighbourhood of 16 pounds. Since my BMI was in the “normal” range when I started, I’d like to try to keep the weight gain in the 25 to 35 “ideal” range.
Maternity Clothes? I told myself from the beginning that I wasn’t going to spend much money on maternity clothes. If you’ve ever browsed through Thyme or Motherhood, you know how pricey these specialty items can get. However, I had never, until recently, experienced the omigod-nothing-in-this-entire-closet-fits-me meltdown. So, I have compromised over the past six months and picked up some essentials, including yoga pants, jeans and super long tank tops. This past weekend, I splurged on a couple skirts, a pair of capri-length leggings, a tank top and a tunic-style shirt. Aside from the belly bands that accompany most of the bottoms, I have chosen pieces and styles that should be somewhat wearable after the babe arrives.
Stretch marks? None! (Knock on wood)
Belly button? This has been a subject of amusement for Husband and I for weeks. Is it in? Is it out? I’m ready to officially say that I am now sporting an outie.
Sleep: Some nights are better than others. I toss and turn quite a bit to stay comfortable, which means being an a semi-awake state fairly often throughout the night. I still manage to wake up rested, thankfully. Now that I’m in my third trimester, I’ve regressed back to my first trimester peeing pattern, which means staggering blindly in the dark toward the toilet at least twice per night.
Movement: I was ready to start kick counts this week, but it really isn’t necessary, because this guy is a mover and a shaker. I rarely go five minutes without feeling a roll or a jab. His movements used to be more kick- and punch-like, but now it feels more like stretching and twisting as he has less and less room to move.
(Completely obvious disclaimer: No, this photo isn’t of me.)
Food cravings: People ask me this question a lot and for some reason I usually say that I haven’t had any. Not true. Remember the chicken burger incident? We may or may not have had a small repeat of this somewhat insane vegetarian behaviour on Sunday night while Husband munched on a club sandwich. I’ve also been loving breakfast food at all times of the day, which is odd for me. Pancakes, bagels, hash browns and cereal with bananas. And now that it’s BBQ season, I can’t get enough of veggie hot dogs heaped with the works. Must. Stop. Talking. About. Food.
What I am looking forward to: Obviously I’m looking forward to many things, but right now I’m actually really looking forward to the busy summer ahead. Husband and I will be visiting with lots of friends and family, and enjoying lots of time together before the bambino arrives.
Milestones: Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr. K, when we’ll have our first chat about our birth plan. Ohh my, how is it possible we’re ready to talk birth plan already? 11 weeks, and counting!
Oh, and THIS: Heartburn. And if the old wives tale is true that mothers with lots of heartburn have babies with lots of hair, then this boy is going to be born with a fro, I swear.

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