try it tuesday

For this edition of Try It Tuesday, I wanted to make something to prepare for Baby B, but that’s easier said than done when we’re still nearly a month away from knowing his/her sex.
Rather than trying to make something entirely unisex, I decided to try something that is more for momma.
I ventured over the border to Maine when I was home over Easter and picked up this amazing fabric for $2.99/yard. Quite a steal, compared to Canadian fabric stores.
It’s not actually double sided, I had just laid them front to back on the floor. I got one yard of the pink and one yard of the blue because these fuzzy flannels were just too cute to leave behind. I considered making double sided bibs or burp cloths, but I wasn’t set on an idea.
Then I remembered — at lovely friend HH’s baby shower recently, she received a pretty, handmade nursing cover.
I cut a strip off the ends of both fabrics for the strap, and then sewed the pieces together, good sides facing in, and then flipped it inside out so the pretty sides were facing and added another seem for a more finished edge.
I created the strap using the same method and stitched it on.
Et voila …

… my two-sided nursing cover to keep momma and baby cozy and concealed for all of those feedings that will inevitably take place while we have company.


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