wonder wall

The apartment that Husband and I are moving into has been freshly painted with a nice shade of beige. Let’s call it coffee with milk. And the mouldings are a nice, crisp white. We really hate to mess with it.
We’ve recently started discussing nursery decor ideas. We won’t find out the sex of the little baby for another month, but it can’t hurt to be prepared.
As an alternative to my love-hate relationship with painting, I’m thinking that vinyl stick-ons might be the way to go. Most decor and home improvement stores are now carrying a wide variety of phrases, designs and images that can easily be stuck on and peeled off. Lovely friend A put them in her bedroom as a replacement for a headboard and it turned out very nicely, and when she moved, they peeled off with no damage to the paint underneath.

Have you used these before? Can you recommend certain brands or where to shop?

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