what’s that? it’s march?

I totally forgot to wrap up my February goals, which means I also haven’t thought to set any March goals. Is it too early to blame baby brain for these things? What if I take the unfinished business from February and carry it over with the extended deadline of March 31?
1. Knit something new. FAIL. Didn’t pick up my knitting needles once. And really, I find it hard to imagine this happening in the next two weeks. I naturally gravitate to knitting when the weather starts to turn cold around November, but we’ve been treated to so many warm, sunny days here lately that I think it’s time to tuck my knitting away for another season.
2. Make a new recipe once a week. This more-or-less worked out. I tried several new recipes in February, including a tasty squash and pasta casserole that I made with my mom-in-law when home for a visit. She and I also whipped up a tangy broccoli salad with a vinegar-dijon sauce. Lovely friend A and I loved our lentil tacos for Try It Tuesday. I also made vegan chocolate chip cookies that tasted just like the real thing. Hmm … what can I make this month?
3. Clean and reorganize as if we’re moving. This one is actually more exciting now, since we are moving! More about that later though. I did manage to sort out a couple of bags of clothes we never wear and miscellaneous items around the apartment that had no use. We don’t actually relocate for six weeks, but I’m already tucking things into boxes that we don’t use regularly to make the moving process more gradual. The next step — spring cleaning!
4. Run a half marathon. Success! And the fact that I was secretly 9 weeks pregnant made it even more rewarding.
5. Go to yoga at least once a week. This is going really well and I plan to carry this goal throughout March and beyond. I take one class each Tuesday, but I’m hoping to be able to sign up for a prenatal yoga workshop over the summer.
6. Send more mail to friends and family. Aside from birthdays and other occasions, I didn’t send any mail just for fun. I must get on this one.
7. Prepare for tax season. I’ve started this process! I’ll be so glad when it’s over.
What do you plan to accomplish before the end of the month?

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