must reads for moms to be

8.5 weeks pregnant. Written January 29, 2010.
If you are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, I have a few sites that I highly recommend bookmarking.
Laptops to Lullabies was a fave before Husband and I even considered trying to conceive. Lacey’s often comical anecdotes of her and Darling Husband’s adventures in family making are priceless. She’s expecting a boy in June!
Once you’ve conceived, you must visit the Alpha Mom Pregnancy Calendar.

The author, Amalah, has reported her weekly experiences through two pregnancies. It’s a great resource for first-time preggos who aren’t sure what to expect.

I recently discovered Dear Baby, a very sweet play-by-play from conception to birth and beyond. Start from the beginning and you’ll be hooked. Just look at their completely adorable chalkboard countdown:
Many other lovely bloggers are having babies too and often share related posts, including Joanna at Cup of Jo, Mrs. French at Bliss, Katie at Bower Power and Sherry at Young House Love.
Do you have any great pregnancy blogs to share?


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