try it .. er .. thursday

Better late than never, right? This Try It Tuesday is a fail, but I figured I’d share it anyway. If nothing else, you’ll laugh at my pain.
So, here’s how it started. You’d have to assume, that a complied book of recipes would only contain the tried and true combinations. Right?
I was going to make chocolate chip cookies late last week, and wanted to try something different. I picked a cookbook that was put together by people in my Mum’s office for a fundraiser years ago. I instantly thought, if someone took the time to comb through their recipes at home and pick just one for this book, it would have to be their very best, favourite one. Right?
Think again.
I was intrigued — the recipe I selected combined traditional chocolate chip cookie ingredients as well as oatmeal and corn flakes. And I love a textured cookie.
But this was the end result after mixing all the ingredients according to the directions. A Big bowl of crumbly mess. I reviewed the list over and over, convinced I must have left out an important went ingredient. Nope.
So, I was forced to add more liquid. A few tablespoons of milk helped considerably. However, what happens to corn flakes if you put milk on them? Soggy, soggy, soggy.
Though the taste in the end wasn’t horrible, the recipe was awful and a total pain to deal with. This recipe isn’t even worth rating. Don’t try it.

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