stirred by stripes

Since Husband and I are stuck in home limbo until we know where he’ll be teaching in the fall, I’ve decided to live vicariously through some of my favourite bloggie home owners and pick out things I’d like to do with our yet-to-be-determined new abode.
Lately, I’ve been drawn to rooms with painted stripes. I seriously question my ability to pull off such a feat. I imagine paint oozing under tape, crooked lines and the loss of my sanity.
But I’m inspired by so many handy bloggers who have made it work and I think it looks great.
Here’s one of John and Sherry’s half baths on Young House Love. I think they have the right idea — stripes aren’t as overwhelming in a smaller space. Not that I was planning on doing stripes around the living room or anything.

These two great images for the newest issue of Lonny Magazine. I love that the hall has stripes, but neighbouring walls don’t, creating an interesting contrast.

Dusty at All Things G & D is much more adventurous about her stripes, using three colours, various widths and bolder hues.

What are your thoughts on painted stripes?

2 responses

  1. I love stripes painted on walls, but I have never attempted it. The husband is always convinced they won't be even, or the paint will ooze under the tape. But with a lot of patience — and good-quality tape — I think it could definitely be done well!

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