worth a thousand words?

I saw this cute design for a Christmas newsletter on Apartment Therapy today, and I started thinking about notes in Christmas cards. I’m working on getting my cards together to send out, and sometimes it’s hard to know what to write. Do you just say hello and pass along a holiday greeting? What about for the people you haven’t seen in months, or maybe years? Is the Christmas card an appropriate forum to play catch up? As a writer, I love the idea of crafting a short note — sort of a year in review.
What do you think? The Christmas newsletter — yay or nay?

6 responses

  1. I love the idea of doing a little Christmas letter, but I always hear/read that including those is tacky. So I stick with short well-wishes and signing our names, etc. Even this year, I wanted to mention our baby on the way, but wasn't sure of the right way to phrase it.

  2. I often use my christmas cards as a good way to reconnect and share updates with people that I haven't contacted on a regular basis throughout the year. I really enjoy writing a heartfelt personal message, but the reality is that it's quite time consuming. This is such a cool example of a neat way to do an update – perhaps something for next year!

  3. In the busy lives most people live there is little time for individual letters. Personally, I really enjoy getting Christmas updates from my friends…I care about them! And I would hope they care enough about me to be interested in a letter from me. Maybe if they don't care enough to get a Christmas letter they could let me know and I won't even bother to send a card with just my name. I already know their name and they know mine. 😀

  4. I think it's a very cool idea. I also do a more traditional newsletter partly because I illustrate my own card and assemble 90 of them. If I had to write in every one as well, people would get their cards in April… Maybe I'll shake it up a bit next year with a funky new design…

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