If you had asked me at the end of September, I would’ve told you that I am not a runner. Not even close. I’ve completed a few 5k races for various charity fundraisers over the years, but even then, they were run at a snails pace with no advance preparation.

But last week, along with lovely friends A and T, I ran 10 kilometres. 10 consecutive kilometres. And now, I think I finally feel like a runner. It may not seem like much, but the transformation from non-runner to runner happened a lot quicker than I expected. Running the first 10k wasn’t easy, but neither were the 5k runs we were doing in September, and those feel like a breeze now.
Yesterday, we registered for the Hypothermic Half. 21k in February. No turning back now. I’ve surprised myself already and I’m really looking forward to longer runs and bigger goals.

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