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In a flurry of organization last spring, I threw away our Christmas tree. It was a cheapie to begin with, and it had lasted two years, but I had no place to store it and hadn’t kept its original box, so it shed needles no matter where I shoved it.
So, I’m pretty excited at the prospect of picking out a new one this year. Yes, I realize it’s still October. No, I’m not buying one right away. But I feel like I should be smarter about this purchase than I was when I picked out the last one. So, I’m mapping out some criteria.
  1. Get a real tree Sadly, real trees aren’t allowed in our apartment building.
  2. Get a tree that looks as close to real as possible. And invest in a pine scented candle to simulate the real thing.
  3. Tree should be pre-lit. Why deal with stringing lights when we don’t have to?
  4. Tree should be reasonably sized for our small apartment. Which brings me to this beauty of an invention —

    Manufacturers are making half and corner trees now, to suit those of us with less square footage. Isn’t that thoughtful?
    What do you look for in the perfect tree? Any advice to share?

4 responses

  1. Artificial is nice, but I hate how sometimes they don't look "Full" and you sort of have that charlie brown Christmas tree thing going on. Online they make them look better so I suggest buying it from a store. A lot of places price match, and if it looks good on display you can bet it will look in your home. Good luck!

  2. Wow, I really like that half tree idea since I have a tiny little apartment. And that's so sad that you can't have a real tree in your place. I think you're definitely on the right track with the pre-lit tree and the scented candle. Make sure you have plenty of ornaments to fill in the blank spaces!

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