what do you think?

I have this cute wicker pillar-candle holder that I picked up at Jysk for less than $10 last year. The problem is, the inside of it has become stained with black soot from the burning candles and I can’t seem to clean it.

It wasn’t something I exactly invested in, so it wouldn’t be the worst thing if I threw it away, but I’m thinking that’s just too easy.

So I’m going to paint it and see if I can transform it into something I’ll use. But what colour? I’ve narrowed it down to three — deep red, chocolate brown or sage green.
Readers, you choose!


5 responses

  1. Because I like to make things difficult, I would go red on the inside (for a nice glow when lit) and chocolate brown on the outside for a nice contrast. Also, have you ever painted wicker with a brush? Can drive you insane. Spray paint might be the way to go…

  2. Nicole, the original colour is ivory. Strange that it looks green on your screen.ModernMommy, I was thinking about going the spray paint route, which would also open up the colour palate to include metallics! Maybe a subtle gold? And that opens up the whole idea of spray painting other wooden things I have tucked away .. like mirror frames!

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