in holiday limbo

I’m over it. It’s only October 15 and I’m completely over Halloween. I’m ready to pack up the candle holders, faux cobwebs and orange mini-lights and move on.
Maybe I jumped on it too early this year. Though, in my defense, I really didn’t decorate or start buying miniature treats until October 8. Maybe I should realize that a day like Halloween really only needs to last 24 hours, rather than an entire month. I don’t even really like Halloween, anyway. What was I thinking?
I do, however, love fall. I love the crunchy leaves on the ground and the crispness in the air. I love bundling up for a hike or a run. And over the weekend, Husband and I realized that we both love delicious pumpkin lattes.
I keep looking at the pumpkins that Husband and I bought last weekend, thinking that I really have no interest in carving them. Rather than the standard jack-o-lantern designs, I think I’ll try something a little more representative of the season —


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