laundry love

I’m about to fawn over something ridiculously domestic. Consider this your warning.
Have I told you before that I hate doing laundry in apartment buildings? Many people think we’re fortunate because there is a laundry facility on each floor of our building, so we don’t have to journey to the basement or, even worse, to a laundromat to do it.
I agree; that much is a blessing. But there are definite downsides as well. The laundry room down the hall only has two washers and two dryers to service the 20 units on our floor, plus those who come up or down from other floors. If you don’t return as soon as your wash or dry is finished, some impatient person will likely move your clothes. And call me old fashioned, but I do not like strangers seeing and touching my unmentionables. Other times, you’re the one temped to remove someone else’s clothes because it’s been hours and they haven’t come to collect.
Ahhh, apartment living. When it’s time to go, I will not miss you.
Telling you our hamper is overflowing would be an understatement at this point. So, guess how I’m spending my Saturday morning? So for now, let me just pretend that I’m going to be doing wash in one of these rooms …

Now that’s what I call domestic bliss.

3 responses

  1. I truly dream about my future laundry room too… this is the first apartment I have lived in where I have not had a machine in my apartment. I loathe shared laundry spaces. I cannot stand when people leave their stuff in the machine for hours… hello!! We're all waiting! And even worse… I hate when people take my stuff out for me and leave it on a dusty gross counter. I feel your pain.

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