fall inspiration

OK, we’re into the second week of September, which I’ve decided puts me well into my rights to start decorating for fall. While lovely friend T thinks I should keep the Halloween decor under wraps until October 1, I don’t see the harm in a bit of fall foliage.

But it wouldn’t be exciting if I didn’t pose a challenge. I’m giving myself a budget of $20 to spruce up the apartment for autumn. Got any ideas to share?

4 responses

  1. I love fall, and love bringing it indoors. I got some fall-colored leaves from Michaels and place them under glass on my coffee and kitchen tables. It's gorgeous, and makes every meal feel like a picnic! I also bunch some of them up under candles in jars and things like that. It sounds kind of strange as I'm writing it, but it really does look nice! I promise!

  2. You are just like your Mum 🙂 I bought a bunch of new fall decs at the Christmas Tree Shop the last trip south…can't wait to trim for fall. I'm starting today or tomorrow. I agree the Halloween needs to wait.Hope to get to Jolly's tomorrow for some fall mums. You should get some for you apartment…a 1 – 3 small ones in the centre of your table with other fall decs could look nice.Post some pics after you are done do I can see.Love you XXX000

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