not me monday

— I did not indulge in a massive amount of poutine while shopping with Creative Partner C at Costco over the weekend. I never succumb to such greasy temptations.
— I did not put Husband’s birthday gifts on display a few days before he can open them. It isn’t just a fun way to torture him.
— I did not get up bright and early on Sunday with plans to get lots accomplished, only to snuggle up on the couch with my coffee and a re-run of Friends and fall back asleep for three hours. I am a morning person.
**Please note, if my Mum hadn’t called at 10 a.m., I would probably still be asleep. Thanks for helping me salvage my day!
—I didn’t jam the compost completely full and leave a note for Husband, asking him to take it out when he got home. If I’m the one who fills it up, I’m the one who takes it out.
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