July’s tasks

It’s a new month and I feel a renewed sense of energy toward the tasks I couldn’t bring myself to do in June. Or May. 
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right? Well, when this city gives you days and days on end of rain/overcast/fog (blahhh), make the most of your time inside by accomplishing to-dos! That’s the spirit!
First, what I didn’t do last month:
— Finish the spring summer cleaning. 
— Launch our Etsy shops.
— Accomplish something else from our Amazing 2009 To Do List.
And new goals:
— Purge unused and unnecessary items from our apartment. Unless we’re expecting overnight guests, our guest room/office is usually taken over by craft supplies and odds and ends that get shoved there over the course of a week. It’s got to stop.
— Make three more new recipes. Preferably nothing with dill.
What are you planning to accomplish this month?

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