no name no more

This is crazy. How do we expect to name our unborn children if we can’t name a cat? Seriously. We’re having friends and family over tonight and how are we supposed to introduce her if she doesn’t have a name?
Thank you all for your great suggestions! I think we’ve got it narrowed down, but there isn’t a clear winner just yet. What do you think? Is she a:
Ollie? (short for Olive)

[We couldn’t get Little One out from under the bed for the first few hours]

4 responses

  1. Hey Lu! I think this cute little kitty should keep her temporary name “Little One”..I think little one is cute in itself 🙂 You could come up with something shorter to call her day to day…Lil…..L / Elle…Ellie…

  2. I named my cat herpes for the simple reason that I love to say these things to people when they come over:”Oh my god! You have to see my herpes!””Check this out…my herpes chases laser lights””Man, my herpes took a dump this morning that made his litter box smell a lot like wet dog made love with catfish bait and had a crippled rotten egg baby…”

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