and then there were four

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the newest member of our family …

This is No Name. For now, I’m calling her Little One. She is entirely white, with three grey spots on the top of her tiny head. She was very shy when we went to meet her last night, but we knew she was the one almost instantly. 
We didn’t know what to expect when we introduced her to our only child … 
… but for the most part, they just stared at each other. That is, until I was about to leave the house for work this morning — Little One hissed and Scarley pounced. I promptly scolded the both and separated them. Husband went home for lunch though, and they seem to be playing nicely now.
Now, we need your help. What should we name her? We’ve got a list of ideas, but we want to know what you think before we reveal our nominations. 

6 responses

  1. Aughhh!!! I LOVE her and can’t wait to meet her!!! OK, names that go well with Scarlett:- Scarlett and Sasha- Scarlett and Shaye- Scarlett and Sofia

  2. What a cutie! I’m going to go with a name that mixes her pretty color, your love of interior design (via paint names, I guess), and a play on your other cat’s color name: Ecru.

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