B is for …

… botched project? It’s really not that bad. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either. Let me me show you.

Remember when I told you I love letters and words in decor? I found a lovely white B at a scrapbooking store, and started by painting it chocolate brown.

Simple enough, right? Then I wanted to try out a stencil that I bought on clearance at Walmart for $1 …

But I didn’t hold it tight enough to the surface, and this happened:
So, I painted over it again with brown and tried again with the stencil. It took a lot of little fixes, but eventually it turned out like this:

I’m pretty indifferent on how it turned out. I originally wanted to put it in the bedroom, but I don’t think the random stencils really work with any other decor. I may paint over it this weekend. It’s a work in progress …

3 responses

  1. You know what would be super awesome… using a smaller florish print. Also instead of using contrasting colours, use a tint of the darker brown. Also I recommend using a low tack spray glue to hold the stencil in place, you won’t have to do so much retouching.ps You didn’t hear it from me… but you could probably borrow a can from work

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