makeover almost complete

We’re in the final stages of decorating our bedroom. We’ve been chipping away at it for more than six months, and it’s really become our cozy, little sanctuary. But I think it needs a couple more elements.
First, a rug:

I love circle rugs, but they seem hard to find and it might not be quite right for the shape and layout of our room.
Then I saw this lovely, posted by Bryn Alexandra, that might also do the trick:
Secondly, I would love love love to get a couple candle sconces. Sherry over at This Young House got these pretties for her birthday:
Thoughts? Suggestions on where to shop?

One response

  1. We’re trying to finish our bedroom, too. It seems easy to get a room 90% done, but so many people stop there. It’s that extra 10% — the finishing touches — that really make a room look awesome.

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