dance party monday

Over at Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Noodle, I’ve discovered the most wonderful event:

A few of my favourite bloggers have started up a music party! Each day, we post a song that fits into the day’s category. Here are the tune topics:

Monday: Happy-Go-Lucky songs; songs that put a smile on your face and can totally turn your mood around.

Tuesday: Songs that take you back to junior high and/or high school.

Wednesday: Favorite songs from/used in movies.

Thursday: “Guilty Pleasure” songs-those you are embarrassed to admit you like.

Friday: Best karaoke songs.

Doesn’t this sound like fun?! So, in honour of day No. 1, here are a few songs that get me dancing around the apartment. Sometimes husband laughs at me, but most of the time he dances too. Not even he can resist a spontaneous dance party.
That Christopher Walken cracks me up.
I also heart this one:
What are your favourite good mood/dance party songs?

3 responses

  1. Great picks! I love both of those songs! Christopher Walkin is a def favorite, and him dancing around is just priceless! Thanks so much for playing along, I’ll go post a link to your page.

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