love of mixed media

In the lobby at the advertising agency where I work, there is a feature painting of the month. On a rotating schedule, one employee gets to visit the rental office at the local art gallery and pick a piece to adorn our office. This month, it’s my turn, and here’s what I picked:

This is Oblivion by Andrea Pottyondy. On the wall in our lobby area, my selection is accompanied by a description. Here’s what I wrote:
Looking for a painting to hang in the office this month, I couldn’t help but wonder, “If I were a painter, what would I paint?”
The answer is that I couldn’t just paint. Not only do I have little natural ability when it comes to illustration, but I’m too attracted to other materials, like paper, fabric, ribbon and beads, to just use paint.
That’s why I was drawn to Andrea Pottyondy’s work. With no previous experience with this artist, I’m attracted to her mixed media creations because they reflect my own crafting style. This unique combination of vibrant colours and textures make it more than just a painting; Pottyondy’s Oblivion is more of a craft project.
She says:
I love creating art from bits and pieces of life experience, always searching for a way to produce something unique from the ordinary.
I appreciate Pottyondy’s incorporation of an excerpt from Francis Thompson’s poem, The Poppy, to help her tell the story of this piece. Each word, colour and texture illustrates a different element of this dynamic work.
Check out her website to see more of her amazing creations.

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