napkin ring challenge: the results

Incase you missed my post about ridiculously expensive napkin rings, the gist of the challenge is this: make six napkin rings for $10.50, which is half the price of options commonly found in stores.
So, last night HH and I started our craft night with a trip to Michaels craft store. I had no idea what materials I was going to use, but I had already cut up a wrapping paper roll into even sized rings to serve as the structure and shape.
Here are the supplies:
* Wrapping paper roll
* Glue gun
* Xacto knife (for cutting wrapping paper roll)
* Four sheets of felt (two ivory, two brown — $0.50 each)
* Two spools of ribbon (one wide ivory, one narrow green — 2 for $4)
* Pretty star ornaments (half price! a pack of 6 for $3)

That’s right, I made TWO sets! Aren’t they purdy?

So for a grand total of $9, I have two new sets of napkin rings — plus, I have lots of ribbon left over for future projects!
Ridiculously expensive napkin rings 0; Me 1.


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