you should start a blog

OK, here goes nothing. 

I’ve recently become a blog addict. Well .. addict may be too strong a word. I did subscribe to Google Reader though, and I can’t seem to close my laptop until I’ve at least scanned all the new posts. I’ll just add it to my towering pile of guilty pleasures and carry on.
I’ve got a wide range of interests — far too many to list at once — so I’m going to start out this inaugural post with a little diy project, because I for one need a fun little distraction from this hideous winter.
This is my new chair — or at least it will be once it’s delivered from the seller on kijiji:

Not that exciting, you say? Wrong. This chair just oozing with potential. A little sand paper and a coat of paint, or maybe some foam padding and pretty fabric, and it’s going to be the perfect desk chair for our two-in-one home office/guest bedroom. Just wait and see!

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